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You said I wouldn find anyone like you, well you were right. I found someone who treats me better than you. Who appreciates me more than you. Who respects me more than you. Someone who doesn leave when things are tough. Someone who understands my anxiety and frustrations and doesn make me feel guilty about it. Thank you so much for being right. I never wanted another you. I never needed another you.

Two years ago, my brother and my father got in a huge fight about my brother wanting to be an artist. My canada goose montebello uk father forced him canada goose outlet in usa to go to business school, and my brother agreed, tired of arguing.

Six months ago, my brother dropped out of school, miserable and afraid canada goose outlet toronto location of what my father would say. My brother turned back to his art, and it got him through the depression that had set in. My father canada goose coats found his sketches and said nothing.

Yesterday, my father came back from a business trip with gifts for each of us. He bought my brother a new sketchbook and pencil set. they very respectfully asked me to explain what the words meant, and then told me they would like to know more about LGBT terms and phrases.

I recently overheard them respectfully canada goose outlet online teaching a group of other boys the terms during lunch, and the group of boys were ashamed that they cheap canada goose didn know what any of the words meant. the leaders of the discussion were also explaining how using the term so gay is disrespectful, and so is using the f slur and other slurs, if you don identify as LGBT.

people can change. people care. people want to learn.

lgbtlgbtqlgbtq+there is hope for the futurethings get better

My life was canada goose youth uk awful. When I was a kid, I was fat, pretty ugly and had awful hair. I used to get teased every fucking day. Slammed up against lockers, punched in the face you canada goose uk distributor name it. Hell, I had to go to prom with one of my female friends because I couldnt even get cheap canada goose a proper date. I cant even look back at those photos canada goose outlet in chicago because I look so bad. I transfered schools, but the teasing just got worse. After canada goose uk shop a, lets say, « incident » I had with the school play, the bullying just got worse. But I made it through high school, only to find out that real life was pretty much the same. I just stayed canada goose uk discount code in my dark room all day. I didnt talk to anyone, I didnt go outside. I just stayed inside and drew. I’d draw vampires, mummies, heroes, villians. Anything to help me escape all the bad in the world. I went to art school and didnt really belong. All I could draw was comic book characters. I tried to put my only good talent to use, by drawing a cartoon and canada goose black friday 2019 mens pitching it only to have it turned down. Life to me was just cheap canada goose new york pointless. I started drinking, doing drugs and just generally wasting my life drawing. Then one day, I saw bodies falling from the sky. I witnessed people dying. And thats when I decided to turn my life around. I called up anyone I knew who had an instrument and we formed a canada goose uk harrods band. Being on tour for the first few years was bad. All we’d do is get drunk and do drugs, but I loved it. Because I was doing something I loved with people I loved. And a few years ago I met the most perfect woman ever. It’s like we share a wavelink or something. She just knows me, without even knowing me if you understand. And now, 2011. I have a beautiful baby girl, a caring wife and I get to perform for all my adoring cheap canada goose jacket womens fans every day. I am living proof that no matter how bad life gets, it gets better. It mostly stems from my family issues and how I feel I cant be visible and happy as who I am and my true self when I’m around them. I think I’m jealous of people who can be and I guess my struggle canada goose to be my true self in the working world and with my family kind of brings me down.

Hello, my name is Aurora and I want to hug you. Yes, I a little forward with this, but I shall explain why. I see many people on here who are sad, depressed, and emotions such as those. Sometimes, I will gain the courage to ask you or try my best to help, but other times I scared you may not want to talk to me or I may annoy you. I will listen and try the best I can to help. I hope that for you things get better and you will be okay. :).